Every week, 67% of Americans listen to streaming music

multicultural consumers are shaping the future of music


Americans streamed 164 billion on-demand tracks across audio and video platforms in 2014, up from 106 billion in 2013.


Categorical Imperative

Adding an item to the shelf can affect retail sales in that category. By knowing your customers, you decide if the effect is growth or decline.


What A Difference A Year Makes

Year-over-year consumer confidence scores in 11 measured markets, including Egypt, Ireland, and the U.S., increased by double-digits.


Deserting Dessert

Among the 75% of survey respondents who are changing their diet to lose weight, 62% are eating less chocolate and sugary sweets. 


Uncommon Sense

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By Stuart Taylor, SVP, Custom Analytics, and Phil Tedesco, Senior Manager, Assortment

In Search of Growth? look to the Shelf

As retailers look for opportunity amid an evolving landscape, the shelf can unlock substantial value for retailers and manufacturers alike.

Featured Reports

  • Q4 2014 Consumer Confidence Report
    Global consumer confidence ended 2014 with an index score of 96—a decline of two index points from the previous quarter, which comes after several quarters of positive momentum. The index, which has been on a slow and steady rise for about two years, is still above a pre-recession level of 94 from third-quarter 2007.
  • Local Watch: Where You Live and its Impact on Your Choices
    The forces of fragmentation are strong today in television, as access to content and the availability of programming across platforms reshapes how and when consumers watch. The fundamental changes that are reshaping the viewing landscape are playing out differently across local markets for the simple reason that localism matters now more than ever.
  • We Are What We Eat
    Health and wellness are hot topics around the globe, and they have been for years. Despite the immense amount of attention devoted to the topic, however, the obesity rate is high—and rising. The good news, however, is that consumers around the world are taking steps to take charge of their health.


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