The average U.S. grocery store sells about 360 different wines in a week

The average American consumer spends $47 per supermarket trip, but that number jumps to $75 when the shopper buys wine.


As Seen On TV

53% of American moviegoers surveyed said they pay attention to movie ads during TV commercial breaks.


Breaking News

Despite leading all categories in Nielsen’s Portable People Meter survey, the News/Talk format reported its lowest January level in measured history.


Health Inspectors

Healthy products with packaging callouts tend to outperform the category as a whole, suggesting that shoppers read labels before buying.


Uncommon Sense

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By Randall Beard, President,
North America

Digital Ad Effectiveness
and ‘Reach Efficiency’

Digital audience measurement is getting better, but few advertisers are tapping a big ad effectiveness opportunity: serving ads to their intended audience..

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