Stand By Your Brand

Growing brands maintain 94% of their media spend
on new products in year two

In fact, consumers who buy a product for the first are the primary drivers of sales growth in year two. According to Nielsen research, new products must generate at least 80% of their first-year trial in year two to be successful over the longer term.


Family Chatters

56% of global respondents in a recent Nielsen report said they learned about a new product from friends/family.


Powerful Suggestion

Rather than comparing digital and TV, David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS Corp., suggests using the word “and” instead of a “versus.”


Friend Request

A recent Nielsen study found that using Facebook to complement TV advertising led to an increase in incremental reach of 10 million viewers.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

Chris Louie, SVP Product Leadership

Perspectives on 'Thriving in 2020'

In about four months, we’ll have made it to "the future"—at least according to the "Back to the Future" movie series. So now that we’re there, what will 2020 look like?


  • Q2 2015 Consumer Confidence Report
    Global consumer confidence declined one index point in the second quarter to a score of 96. This near-baseline score reflects an overall stable outlook, but uneven performance at the country level increased within regions.
  • U.S. Consumer Energy Sentiments Report 2015
    The Nielsen Energy Behavior Track collects consumer data annually from a nationally representative sample to gain insight into how we use energy resources.
  • The U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Report 2015
    A visual assessment of Breakthrough Winners reveals no telltale markers of their high achievement. In many ways, lining up the 2015 U.S. Breakthrough Innovation winners creates somewhat of a cross-section of the average store. So what propels them ahead of the pack and makes them so notable?
  • The Total Audience Report: Q1 2015
    As we continues to move toward total audience measurement it is vital to find a way to compare platforms by using common metrics that allow the industry to equate and analyze users and usage of these different platforms in a fair, standard and appropriate way.