Let's Talk Turkey

77% of whole turkeys sold throughout the year are sold during the month of November

But buyers aren’t just bird-brained, as 35% of yearly cranberry sales occur during the holiday week, which also accounts for roughly 29% of yearly bakery pumpkin pie sales.


Head-First Into Holidays

Young, large families are driving holiday early spending, and 40% of Americans said they’ve started shopping by the end of October.


Center Of Attention

As eating habits and lifestyles shift, the sales of some products in the center of the store are declining, but there’s still growth to be found.


Shifting Sources

Getting news from traditional outlets is more common among older respondents, while Gen Z and Millennials show an affinity for digital sources.


Uncommon Sense

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By Peter Gale, Managing Director, Retailer Services,Asia Pacific,
Middle East, Africa and Greater China

Asia on the Go

The convenience offering in Asia is more relevant now than ever, as urbanization continues apace, and mobile penetration increases.


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    Global consumer confidence increased three index points in the third quarter to 99, the highest level since 2006, and optimistic sentiment for job prospects, personal finances and spending intentions increased in nearly half of all measured markets.
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    Millennials are deal shoppers who won’t compromise on quality. They place a premium on authenticity–from the products they buy to their interactions with brands.