Store Brand Stand-Outs

Compared with other major retail channels, deep discounters have more than 2x the store-brand share of dollars

Store brand (or private label) share by FMCG retail channel

While consumers are taking more trips across most retail channels, deep discount grocery is seeing some of the largest increases in shopper activity.   


Buzzy Beer Terms

The craft beer category has enough buzzwords to confuse even the biggest enthusiast. Some terms, however, are better at driving purchase intent and bottom-line sales.


Summertime Tunes

Each year during the summer, radio habits change and certain formats see a seasonal increase in audience that's unique to the warm weather. So which format will be this year’s “format of the summer”?


Algorithm Asset

Truth be told, product development in the FMCG industry is anything but fast-moving. But what if algorithms could help streamline the process and the outcomes.



from Nielsen's leading voices

Ben Schubert, SVP, Nielsen Innovation Practice


Given the time and effort needed to bring products to market, FMCG product development is anything but fast-moving. Algorithms can help streamline the process.

Journal of Measurement

Behind every piece of data at Nielsen, behind every insight, there’s a world of scientific methods and techniques in constant development. And we’re constantly cooperating on ground-breaking initiatives with other scientists and thought-leaders in the industry.


  • The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q4 2016 
    When advertisers think of reach, TV and internet are usually top of mind but Nielsen’s data shows that radio has the greatest reach of all electronic media. This report highlights radio’s ability to reach legal drinking age consumers in general and Millennials 21-34 in particular.
  • Perspectives on Retail Technology Vol 2 Issue 1 
    The variety and increasing scale of data, as well as the scope of activity it is meant to inform, demands a solution that goes well beyond a simple enterprise data warehouse. So what might that more robust solution look like?
  • Pockets of Growth: Latin America 
    Seventy-nine percent of consumers in Latin America are changing their spending patterns to save money. Even so, general consumers are open to buying newer products if they meet their key concerns and demands, and these attitudes are reflected in sales.