Regional Dial-ect

Network radio in the U.S. reaches 181.3 million listeners across four regions. 

multicultural consumers are shaping the future of music


The South leads the way both in percent of national population and in percent of network radio listeners. This equates to more than 67 million people listening each week.


Sipping Point

The digital payment landscape is an evolving one, and financial institutions aren’t the only ones vying for a seat at the table.


Tap, Type & Swipe Shoppers

While 80% of global respondents choose to shop and browse online from a computer, there is no shortage of mobile (44%) and tablet (31%) shoppers either. 


Get With The
(5) Times

Brands that communicate their sustainability efforts generate 5 times the revenue of those that don’t.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

By Louise Keely and Jeremy Burbank

Millennials: Dispelling the Myths

Millennials play an increasingly critical role in our recovering economy, which makes now an ideal time to dispel or qualify a number of common myths about them.

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