Tweets about TV programming are most prevalent during live airings, but chatter happens around the clock

multicultural consumers are shaping the future of music


On average, 46% of Tweets sent in between live airings are related to viewing of previously aired episodes, 36% show audiences' enthusiasm and 13% are about the stars of a show.


Public Radio Boom(er) Box

The Boomer demographic, aged 50-64, had the highest weekly reach (9.4M) and time spent (6 hours) with public radio.


Ask & You
Shall Receive

Children are increasingly influencing book purchasing decisions by their parents, and all they had to do was ask.


What’s In a Name?

Despite private label’s increasing global popularity, consumers in some regions still prefer name brand products.


Uncommon Sense

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By Cheong Tai Leung, President,
Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific

Southeast Asia: The
Next Big Bet

Make no mistake, Southeast Asia is on the rise.

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