68% of global respondents agree they’d pay more for food & drink without certain ingredients

Globally, diets that limit the amount of fat or sugar are most common (31% and 26%). Additionally, about one-in-five respondents say they follow a diet that limits the consumption of sodium or carbohydrates (19% each).


Pods, Pints & Picks

Fantasy sports podcast listeners 21+are more likely to consume more domestic light/regular, import and microbrew beers than the average podcast listener.


Old School

Despite the increase in digital options, 69% of students' total spending on course textbooks continues to go toward print materials.


Ad Action By Age

Viewing an ad with a coupon or promotion is the top motivator when it comes to mobile advertising on smartphones for Millennials and Gen X respondents.


Uncommon Sense

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Mike Black, VP Marketing

First Mover or
Best Mover?

In today's competitive market, being the first to market can often put brands at a competitive disadvantage.


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    Almost anyone you ask will tell you that eating a healthful diet is important—a sentiment that isn’t new. So why is there a seemingly heightened focus on clean eating?