Match Game

Nielsen has identified opportunities where advertisers can optimize their TV ad spending

Last year, U.S. department stores only spent a sliver of their $1.5 billion TV ad dollars on how-to shows. However, the audience that watches these shows contributed 46% of all dollars spent at department stores last year.


Resounding Resonance

Today’s technology can provide marketers with detailed insight into how advertisements resonate with audiences.


Selfie Shopping

22% of global respondents say they use self-checkout, and nearly two-thirds (65%) are willing to do so in the future.


High-Water Mark

Now in its second year, the Drink Up campaign has boosted sales of bottled water and filtered water products 4%.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

By Scott McKenzie, SVP,
Thought Leadership, Nielsen Europe

Breaking the Trade Promotion Spend Cycle

When it comes to promotions in Europe, some companies are spending money to lose money. Let’s break the cycle of trade promotion spend.


  • The Luxury Retail Landscape Report
    Who are today’s luxury retail shoppers and what are they looking for? Nielsen has identified five distinct segments of consumers who associate different meaning and value around the term “luxury,” and their purchasing behavior within the luxury market differs as well.
  • Q1 2015 Consumer Confidence Report
    Global consumer confidence started 2015 with an index score of 97—an increase of one point from fourth-quarter 2014 and from a year-ago. Compared to the end of last year, when all regional confidence scores declined, the first quarter was more upbeat, as confidence increased slightly or remained stable in every region except Latin America.
  • Case Study: Shaking Up Health Care Tech With Consumer-Powered Designs
    When Care Innovations began developing its online Health Harmony platform that helps patients, their families and physicians share health data and educational information, it found itself divided on critical product development issues. That’s where Nielsen’s website optimization solutions came into play.
  • The Future of Grocery
    Imagine a grocery store where you can receive personal recommendations and offers the moment you step in the store, where checkout takes seconds and you can pay for groceries without ever taking out your wallet. Sound far-fetched? It’s closer than you think.