Channeling Consistency

Across all demographics, TV homes with SVOD watch only one less channel than their respective national averages

American consumers’ media-viewing behaviors and usage are unique to the device being used. We still spend most of our time on traditional platforms, but we also look to explore the wide range of content channels made available by new media.


Tech Test Drive

A recent Nielsen study found that after two minutes of exposure to virtual reality content, viewers showed increased likelihood of purchasing or using VR technology.


Millennial Motives

Millennials make up 24% of the planet’s population—but as a consumer group, they’re just starting to flex their spending power.


Payment Projection

The Demand Institute projects that over the next decade, consumer spending will increase by $10 trillion globally, due largely to cashless payment methods.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

Mike Black, VP Marketing

First Mover or
Best Mover?

In today's competitive market, being the first to market can often put brands at a competitive disadvantage.


  • The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2016 
    This iteration of the Nielsen Total Audience Report focuses on the media channel choices within the many different platforms consumers have at their disposal and the amount they routinely turn to.
  • Music 360 - 2016 Highlights 
    While total listening figures are roughly the same as last year, how we access and engage with music is changing.
  • Audio Today - A Focus on Black and Hispanic Audiences 
    Radio listeners are also a diverse group, reflective of our national population. More than 73 million of them are black and Hispanic, and their influence is felt everywhere from the ballot box to the grocery store.
  • Paralympics and Para-Sports 
    Nielsen Sports' latest report examines not only the rising interest in para-sports and the Paralympics, its growing status as a media product and how the Games already works for partners, but also notes the opportunity it provides to change attitudes – and, critically, what that might mean for current and future para-sports sponsors.