Only 20% of teens purchase e-books vs. 23% of 18-29 year-olds and 25% of 30-44 year-olds 

multicultural consumers are shaping the future of music


Given teens' preference for print, over half are still looking for books on library or bookstore shelves. And in-store browsing is about level with browsing online for this group.


Meet the
Millennial Male

While many think of Millennial men as difficult to reach, these young shoppers are more interested in companies than you might think 


Let’s Get Physical

The 2014 Nielsen Consumer Health Sentiments Report finds a positive relationship between health status and physical activity.


Pump Up The
(Sales) Volume

Using detailed models to derive precise insights helps take the guesswork out of boosting sales with trade promotions.


Uncommon Sense

News and views from Nielsen's leading voices

By Cheong Tai Leung, President,
Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific

Southeast Asia: The
Next Big Bet

Make no mistake, Southeast Asia is on the rise.

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    While e-commerce is at different stages of maturity around the world, it’s beginning to gain momentum in Western Europe. Here, trends are accelerating, and consumers are in control.
  • 2014 Consumer Health Sentiments Report
    In the post-Affordable Care Act era, more and more consumers are entering the health care system. Many health insurers will likely find the influx attractive, but the uninsured pose a unique problem for insurers: there is little data about them. So how can insurers discern the opportunity from the risk?
  • The Total Audience Report
    Viewers have immense control over the choices they have amid the evolving ecosystem of devices and platforms for content discovery. In fact, they’ve never had more control than they do today. And as a result, we see a resounding growth in content consumption on digital platforms.


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