Retailers with strong fresh departments are using these offerings to drive growth across the entire store

Top-performing U.S. fresh retailers experienced total store growth of 4% last year, compared with a modest 1% total store growth in bottom-performing fresh counterparts.   


Youth Movement

Gen Z boasts the largest, most diverse group of media users yet.


Selective Scoops

“Good source of protein” product claims are driving 207% growth in the ice cream category.


Sandwich Staples

Deli lunch meats remain household staples, as 93.9% of households buy them.


Natural claims and free from ingredients aren’t the only things driving growth across the personal care aisle. Items like shampoo and conditioners are gaining inspiration from the produce section, with some of the top selling superfoods showing up in these hair cleansing products.



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Ian Dudley, Enterprise Architect

Making a Good Chatbot

Imagine if everyone had a personal shopper? Stores may soon be able to offer such services with AI chatbots.

Journal of Measurement

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