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Unemployment is at the Heart of Long-Term Consumer Change

Two important narratives have been necessarily conflated as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has made its way around the world this year: the devastating impact of the deadly disease on the lives of millions and their loved ones and the almost immediate effect on the global economy.

La vida más allá del COVID-19

Después de las seis etapas Nielsen que cubrieron los periodos de preparación para la vida en cuarentena, aislamiento y vida restringida en el mundo, Nielsen ha identificado tres líneas de tiempo diferentes para la regeneración del mercado global. Este esquema describe cómo el estilo de vida y...

Context is Critical for Brands Responding to COVID-19

With many countries re-opening into what appears to be a long-term recessionary environment, companies are naturally looking to make comparisons to past times of economic challenge. But the lessons of the past may not may not be a perfect fit for today.