Nielsen Top Advertisers Report March 2014

Who were the big spenders of 2013 and which major advertsers actvely engaged across multi-media platorms, from TV, press and radio to online, magazines, out-of-home and direct mail?

Secure Tomorrow's Car Buyers Today

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of owning your own car. Having the ability to get from point A to point B without having to rely on anyone or public transportation creates feelings of both independence and pride. People are passionate about car ownership—whether new or used—and...

Apps on the Up as Engagement Soars

New research from Nielsen’s Application Market Intelligence solution shows that progressive companies who have responded to this mobile app opportunity, such as, have captured incremental consumer touch-points for engagement.

The 'New Retail': When Online and Offline Converge

If you’re a retailer, chances are that nine in 10 (89%) of your consumers purchased a product online last year. Six in 10 online Australians now use a combination of both online and traditional retail stores as part of their product research or purchase process. These ‘new retail’ behaviours...

Stand Out in the Digital Evolution

By Stuart Pike, Executive Director, Digital Audience Measurement, Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific When it comes to getting your brand messaging across to the typical smartphone user, you’ve got about 90 minutes of their day to make an impact. How many of those minutes are penetrated by...