Aussies Go Bananas For Bananas

A recent Nielsen shopper study on the top 50 selling grocery products revealed that bananas are the most popular household purchase with 93 percent of Australian households purchasing an average of 19 kg of the tropical fruit every year.

Online Grocery Retailing: Trend Predictions for 2017

Over the next three years major trends such as retail convergence, the influence of digital and social media, shifting consumer demographics and ethnicities and media fragmentation will collide to create an Australian retail landscape in 2017 which is vastly different to the current environment.

Opportunities to Engage the 'Shop-Around-Shopper'

Securing the weekly grocery shop has never been more difficult with Aussie shoppers willing to shop across multiple retailers to complete their shopping list. Analysis using Nielsen's Homescan shopper panel shows 64 percent of shoppers visited more than one of the four major retailer chains in the...

Health and Beauty: Value Builds Trust

The average Australian healthcare customer is almost 150 times more likely to be shopping with a headache or feeling ill, than not. As a result, price is often not a key consideration while in store – it comes down to other triggers such as efficiency, helpful/friendly staff and value.

Cider: The Sweet Taste of Success

The growth of packaged cider in recent years has been impressive to say the least. Cider has grown from having little presence in the Australian market just five years ago, to a popular trend that is suited to almost any drinking occasion today.