From Great Panels Come Great Insights

At Nielsen, we believe that our panels make our company stand out. We devote a great deal of time and resources to ensuring that our panels produce high-quality data. By combining big data with smaller data sets from carefully chosen and measured households, we believe that we provide a higher...

Election HQ

Nielsen’s headquarters for the 2019 Australian election.

Talking About Your Generation

We all share different listening habits and preferences when listening to our favourite radio stations. We know what we like to hear. Nielsen’s Radio It’s A Generation Thing Report reveals that consumers have a strong connection with commercial radio overall, but there are distinct listening...

Australia Radio Gone Hi-Tech Report

Australian commercial radio listeners are also big technology enthusiasts. Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) and Commercial Radio Australia research reveals that 30% of commercial radio listeners identify as Tech Lovers - a group that prides itself in trying, adopting and embracing new...

Tuning In To the Australian Traveler

Commercial radio plays an important role with Aussie travellers - reaching over 70% of them every week. By developing a strong radio strategy, brands within the travel sector would engage with a large majority of their key stakeholders.

Unleashing the Power of Radio Right Up to Purchase

Commercial radio listeners are hi-tech, ‘connected’ and heavy users of all things online and mobile. And, they love to shop online! This link is important as it highlights one of radio’s most lucrative features: its ability to reach a highly qualified audience in the lead up to purchase.