Scenarios Beyond COVID-19: Rebound, Reboot, Reinvent

Nielsen has identified three distinct time horizons for global market regeneration beyond the COVID-19 global health emergency and attached likely scenarios to each. The three-tiered framework identifies the conditions for businesses to rebound, reboot or reinvent as they confront expected...

Good For Me, And Good For We

COVID-19 has changed everything, hasn’t it? So why should businesses and marketers have sustainability on their agendas? While certain sustainability claims may not seem as relevant today, some, such as local sourcing, will become ever more important to consumers in the near future.

COVID-19: Aussie Pandemic Pantries Packed for Months

The average Australian household has enough essential food supplies to last the next few months as COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown laws continue to play out. Nielsen Homescan research reveals that volume sales for long-life meals, bread mix, rice, flour and pasta have more than doubled in the...