Savvy In-Store Solutions Drive Digital-Minded Consumers

For retailers, e-commerce is only one part of the digital picture. A complete digital strategy includes interaction at every point along the path to purchase. Digital touch points occur both in and out of stores, and consumers are increasingly using technology to simplify and improve the process.

From X-Rays to MBAs: The Next Wave of Digital Opportunities

From search engines to social networks, people around the globe mostly use electronic devices for three primary purposes: relationship building/maintaining, information gathering and entertainment viewing. But what does the future use of electronic devices look like, and where are the best...

Multi-Screen Advertising is Growing in Canada

Integrated multi-screen campaigns are changing the way the industry thinks about advertising and measurement in Canada. The shift in strategy underscores the changing needs of consumers and their ever-evolving media consumption habits.

Age Matters with Digital Shoppers

E-commerce is growing around the world. In fact, global online purchase intention rates doubled—in some cases tripled—between 2011 and 2014 across more than half of 22 categories measured by Nielsen. But not all age groups are shopping online to the same degree.

Emerging Markets at the Intersection of Technology and the Middle Class

Consumers are more connected than ever, and it seems like new technology is emerging almost daily. Over the past decade, innovations have changed consumers’ behaviors and, consequently, retailers’ responses to their needs. Dr. Venkatesh Bala, chief economist for The Cambridge Group, a part of...

Reaching Consumers Online: The New “Norm”al for Digital Ads

There’s no doubt that online advertising has seen tremendous growth in recent years, but advertisers and publishers alike are still unsure if their campaigns are successfully reaching their desired audiences. A new benchmark study from Nielsen provides much-needed context into online advertising...

Today’s Forecast: Millions of Americans Check The Weather Online

Whether planning trips across the country or just across town, 57 million Americans made checking weather on the Web part of their daily routine in June 2013. More than a quarter of Web users visited a site or used a desktop application in the Weather category during the month, as visits typically...