Brands Building Momentum with Canadians

With such an extended age gap between Canadian Millennials and Baby Boomers, it’s no surprise that they shop differently and have varying tastes and preferences. However, these preferences may not be as different as you might think.

The Keys to Unlocking the Millennial Mindset

As a consumer group, Millennials are just starting to flex their spending power, which will grow significantly in the coming years. While they’re years from fully establishing themselves, they’re already having a marked impact on the global consumer landscape.

Reaching For Real Ingredients: Avoiding The Artificial

Nearly two-thirds of global respondents say they follow a diet that limits or prohibits consumption of some foods or ingredients. Taking a closer look, a majority of global respondents say that when it comes to ingredient trends, a back-to-basics mind-set, focused on simple ingredients and fewer...

Nielsen TV: The Confectionery Consideration

As consumers seek healthier options and continue to enjoy their treats when they’re looking for an indulgence, how do candy manufacturers make sure their offerings remain at the forefront of consumers’ purchase considerations?