Women: Primed and Ready for Progress

For brands to succeed today, they need to find ways to address the challenges women face. Making up half of the population, women are key influencers across the globe. And the reality is that women still shoulder most of the household responsibilities.

Speak Up—The Media Industry Is Listening

With new digital devices and platforms fragmenting audiences, consumers have found power through their choices and voices. The media industry needs to look carefully at whose voices they listen to and communicate with in order to create the most empowering and engaging content. It’s not just the...

Female Connected Consumers in Canada

In Canada, women account for 60% of primary shoppers, giving them significant influence over the household basket. With the never-ending rise in technologies to assist in purchase decisions, how can retailers and manufacturers connect with female consumers?

The Brands Canadians Love: Men Versus Women

Competition for consumers is growing with thousands of new products hitting the shelves every year to try and win shopping dollars. Manufacturers and retailers can benefit from knowing who is buying and how they are spending their allotted budgets.

As More Men Push Shopping Carts, Are Brands and Retailers Adapting?

Between 2004 and 2011, cooking moved to seventh from 12th on a list of men’s top interests, according to a recent study by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). That puts cooking ahead of politics and reading and right below cars. And another PLMA study found that 47 percent of men...

Keeping Up with Working Moms

We all try to show mom we love her, but businesses have always paid careful attention to engage their mom clientele. Since moms differ from one another based on their lifestyles, we analyzed Working Moms—the 40 percent of women who have children under age 18 and hold full-time employment. How do...