2015 Canada Music Year-End Report

2015 Canada Music Year-End Report

Canadians are spending more hours per week listening to music (and listening more on their phones), going to more live music events and streaming more music than ever.

Yet the biggest music consumption story of the year was not even available on streaming services. We were awed by Adele’s record-crushing 25. We monitored daily activity across sales, streaming, airplay and social, and were thrilled to report on every new milestone she achieved, incredible by any measuring stick.

Five albums from Canadian artists sold over 100,000 copies in 2015, compared with just one in 2014. In total, 10 albums sold over 100,000 units in 2015, compared with seven in 2014. The downside, however, was that total album sales declined for the fourth straight year, with sales dipping 3% from 2014.

After having posting a year-over-year sales decline in 2014, digital album sales rebounded in 2015, inching up 2%. Adele’s 25 was the year’s highest-selling digital album. In other digital news, the top 200 digital songs accounted for 22.4% of all song purchases in 2015, relatively even with 22.7% in 2014.

Full Stream Ahead

Nielsen started to track streaming in Canada at the end of July 2014. Comparing data from week-ending July 30, 2015, through Dec. 31,2015, over the same time period in 2014, total music consumption was up 15% in Canada.


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2015 Canada Music Year-End Report

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