The not so hidden problem with big data sets

Big data sets don’t have rich details about actual people—from age, to income, to race and ethnicity—the way you do with a robust panel. These data sets, because they’re created by machine-to-machine transfers, also increase the possibility of waste and fraud.

Commercial Trends in Sports 2018

We are at a time of unprecedented commercial opportunity in global sports. Barriers to entry have never been lower. More markets around the world than ever before are receptive to the power of sports. It’s never been easier to reach millions—even billions—of fans.

Video on Demand

Nearly two-thirds of global respondents (65%) in a Nielsen online survey in 61 countries say they watch some form of VOD programming, which includes long- and short-form content.

Nielsen TV: Second Screen Use Is a Boon For TV Advertisers

Second-screen usage is the latest way consumers engage with television content. According to the latest Nielsen data, 75 percent of smartphone and tablet users are engaging with second screen content more than once a month as they watch TV. And about half of those people are engaged with second...

Nielsen TV: Nielsen TOPTEN Highlights Real Trends, Real Data

There’s nothing like seeing the big picture or having everything you need right in front of you. And when it comes to insights into what consumers are watching and buying, everything you need is now right at your fingertips. Nielsen TOPTEN, Company’s First Mobile Consumer App, Launches in the...

Smartphone Switch: Three-Fourths of Recent Acquirers Chose Smartphones

Between June and August, 15 percent of smartphone owners said they recently acquired their handset (within the last three months), bringing smartphone penetration up to 64 percent of mobile phone owners in the U.S. And among recent acquirers, 80 percent percent chose smartphones as their mobile...