Augmented Retail: The New Consumer Reality

Consumers today are increasingly craving immersive, real-life experiences. But they want these experiences without foregoing time or effort. The solution? Augmented and virtual reality technology, coming to a “store” near you.

What’s price got to do with it?

Malaysians are price sensitive shoppers. They go through great lengths to find the best deals in order to keep their grocery shopping within their budget. How can retailers and manufacturers use price promotions effectively to attract shoppers?

What’s new? Malaysians say yes to trying new brands

Rapid urbanisation, high connectivity and a booming retail landscape have provided Malaysian consumers with more choice than ever before. And while choice is good for consumers, it could spell bad news for brands as they must work twice as hard to keep the attention of fast and fickle consumers.

In Retail, Success Can Be Mapped Out

The retail landscape in Malaysia is evolving rapidly. The universe of stores and channels are exploding driven by rapid urbanisation, the rise in connectivity and consumers’ increasing demand for convenience. It is now more important than ever for brands to know precisely where to find their...

Winning In Store: Finding Pockets Of Growth For Your Brand

In Q4 2018, Malaysia's FMCG market grew by 4.9%. However, this growth did not come easily as companies have had to work hard to find untapped pockets of growth, which still remain in the region. To unlock this growth potential, companies must answer two key questions: Where to grow? And how to grow?