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Aussies Crazy for Cauliflower

Australians are big fans of the humble, yet versatile, cauliflower. In 2016, dollar sales for cauliflower increased by 12% on the previous year - and while this was partly driven by higher prices - consumption also continued to grow at a steady pace, with volume sales up by 2% on 2015.

Fish and Chips are Still Top Dog in New Zealand

In an age where consumers say they are increasingly health aware, New Zealanders still regularly indulge in fast food. Research from Nielsen’s Consumer and Media Insights (CMI) survey reveals that in the past month, as many as 80% of New Zealanders ate fast food. Fish and Chips continues to be...

Kiwis are Nuts for Almond Milk

Whether it is driven by lactose intolerance, allergies, veganism, the paleo diet, or just general health and wellbeing, it appears New Zealanders are exploring emerging alternatives to traditional white milk.