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Case Study: Maximizing TV Screen Real Estate

Fox Sports was concerned about declines in viewership for NASCAR. In order to evaluate a new proposed format of advertising, Fox Sports worked with Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience to understand audience engagement of this format during live sporting events.

Case Study: Helping to Dial Up Global Ad Engagement

Budweiser aimed to be the first global beer brand by connecting with consumers on universally important emotions. As they expanded on successful themes, they wanted to ensure they were engaging with consumers as effectively as possible.

Case Study: Making a Strong First Impression

In order to ensure that Lycra®, an unknown brand to younger shoppers, would be successful, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience partnered with Invista to test emotional responses to a variety of campaign elements.

Case Study: Evaluating Online Ad Effectiveness

Given the marketplace clutter of varying ad formats, the Online Publisher Association wanted to understand the effectiveness of new ad units they were proposing. Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience helped to understand which formats drove greater attention and engagement.

Warming Up to Consumers Through Package Design

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience helped Campbell’s to combat declining sales by learning how shoppers engage with products, and by understanding how shelf layouts, groupings and communications influence the buying process.