Game Consoles in 2015: One Stop Shop for Games and Entertainment

Gaming consoles are no longer just for gaming. In fact, console owners actively use their devices for a wide range of activities including viewing TV, streaming video, watching Blu-ray discs and exploring the Internet. In fact, gaming accounts for only half of the time they spend on their consoles.

Big Screen Dollars, Little Screen Marketing

When it comes to generating buzz for new movies, trailers and TV commercials remain king. That’s because, movie previews and TV spots are the top two ways Americans get their movie info, regardless of age or the ever-expanding list of devices and platforms competing for people’s attention.

Tops of 2014: Entertainment

Similar to last’s years entertainment titles, 2014's top DVDs/Blu-Rays and books were full of franchises. Audiences, especially teens, are fans of series—in either format. And across entertainment, kids' and young adults' series reigned supreme this year.

By the Book: What’s Bringing Young Adult Fans to Theaters?

Young adult fiction adaptations are a growing slice of the box office pie, increasing 6% between 2013 and 2014. And in a survey of consumers who had seen three or more recent movies from this genre, 43% choose it as one of their favorites to go see in a movie theater. So what about young adult...

Young Adult Adaptation Fanship

Recently, movies based on young adult books have emerged as the newest genre in which content creators are investing. To take advantage of this trend, it is important to have a clear view of what is driving moviegoers towards this genre and the implications for the coming years.

Today's Feature: Digitals and the Silver Screen

From the TV screen to the silver screen, audiences' enormous array of devices and streaming options is making it challenging for marketers to reach their intended consumer across multiple screens. In the case of the movie marketers, the challenge is motivating consumers to put down their devices...