Nielsen TV: How Preteen Gamers Discover and Spend on Games

Despite their young ages, preteen (kids 7-12) gamers in the U.S. collectively spend what some might view as an unfathomable amount of money on video games. And given their desire to be social through gaming, they’re spending most of that money on in-game extras, like outfits, to differentiate...

Nielsen TV: Getting to Know Millennial Video Gamers

Having grown up alongside the first Nintendo Entertainment System, which debuted in North America in 1985, Millennials now have careers, advanced degrees and families. That being said, they’re still gamers at heart, as two-thirds of Americans play video games every month. So what else do we know...

Don’t Fail Fast, Learn Fast

Fail fast has become a major catch phrase for innovation teams lately, but when put into practice, the end result is often the product of simply cutting corners.

Nielsen TV: Assessing Modern Media Spending

In this video, Eric Solomon, SVP, Marketing & Strategy, discusses findings from Nielsen’s CMO Report 2018 about how advertisers are spending across digital and traditional channels, and offers insight into why current spending trends are playing out the way they are.

Nielsen TV: Measuring Campaign Return in the World of CTV

In this video, Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research at Roku, discusses his biggest challenges related to how he measures the return of OTT / connected TV media campaigns and where he sees the most promise in OTT / CTV channels going forward.