Infographic: How to Prepare for a Retail Buyer Meeting

CPG manufacturers that walk into retail buyer meetings fully prepared are more likely to walk out with their products on the shelf. In today’s competitive market, that means coming equipped with the right knowledge to discuss your product goals and achievements with confidence.

Making Sense of CPG Brand and Item Ranking

Primarily, this ranking provides performance metrics for brands and individual products at the account and channel level. But it is also instrumental to gauging the size and opportunity of a market, and to enabling manufacturers to have more specific conversations with their retail buyers.

Key Terms CPG Retail Buyers Expect You to Know Now

How conversant you are in key retail buyer language may be the difference between getting the prime placement your product deserves and finding yourself at a negotiating disadvantage. With that in mind, here are three of the key terms retail buyers expect you to know and how you can use them to...

9 Pro Tips to Defend the Shelf

Retailers expect manufacturers to bring assortment innovations that maintain category performance. Download our workbook to see how you can quickly scale and pivot based on retailer expectations.

Pollution and Government Pressures

A growing number of countries are implementing plastic bans and taxes, and while they may prove effective in reducing waste, how does it impact the retail landscape? Change is sweeping in and companies should plan now to avoid being caught off guard.