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Metrics to Monetize Campaign Launches

The media landscape is changing. Long-standing media providers are consolidating, business models are shifting as data privacy concerns rise, and digital continues to open more avenues than ever for businesses to consider when trying to reach consumers. At the same time, the industry is under increasing scrutiny to get it all right.

At Advertising Week New York today, Megan Clarken, President of our Watch division, announced the launch of a new campaign—Metrics to Monetize™.  Over the years, we’ve developed a suite of solutions leveraging our data backed by real science. They give our clients the answers—like who’s watching or listening to what—and new perspectives that power businesses. Our new campaign highlights the flexibility and breadth of our data and solutions, which allow our clients to respond quickly to shifting challenges and opportunities across the media industry.

“Now more than ever, marketers need high quality independent third-party measurement—in fact, they’re demanding it,” said Megan. “Metrics to Monetize underscores the fact that only Nielsen has this kind of high-calibre measurement with the flexibility to allow the marketplace to trade how they want to trade—and do so with confidence and transparency.”

Our measurement shows our clients (and helps them compare) the types of people consuming content, as well as the devices they’re using, when they’re using them, and who they’re sharing moments with. No matter what the situation—straightforward or complex—we provide measurement that’s the most current and valuable. We provide measurement that helps the industry grow and thrive. We provide Metrics to Monetize.

Throughout the week, Nielsen leaders will provide key insights into the media industry based on Nielsen data and research. Check out our complete presence at this year’s Advertising Week New York.