Millennials Talk Millennials: Why We're Unique

Millennials today are a growing opportunity for the Canadian fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The bulk of Millennial consumers are not yet the key decision makers in their homes. However, this is poised to change as they grow in their careers and move into their own homes.

Millennials By The Numbers: Quick Facts

Millennials are quite literally the future, but for brands and marketers looking to reach them, understanding and harnessing their purchasing power can be a daunting task. It all starts with getting to know who these consumers are and what they’re looking for.

Understanding and Harnessing Millennial Purchasing Power

As Millennials age and progress in their careers, more households will be led by this dynamic consumer group, and their purchasing power will grow with them. Across generations in Canada, Millennials are the most financially optimistic, with 28% stating they are better off financially today than...

Millennials on Millennials

Planning ahead requires careful thought into understanding the new paths-to-purchase. Digital disruption and seismic population shifts are upon us, and Millennials are at the helm of these changes.