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International: Swiss consumers are global shoppers

Irish butter, French hand cream, American cat food - and all this with a good feeling. Be it food, cosmetics or household products: for most consumer goods, national borders hardly play a role for consumers in Switzerland. Dairy products are the only exception.

Innovations: not fast - agil

Most retailers and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers tell us that today, growth is hard to find. Landscape shifts an d changing consumer habits are making it harder for brands to succeed.

Western European FMCG-Report

In Western Europe, the 11 countries total FMCG size is 546 Billion Euro. The total trend in Units is growing in most markets except Germany & UK. Learn about the biggest growth drivers of Euro FMCG growth.

Sponsorship as a sales driver

In times of increasing sales and ROI pressure, a recurring challenge centres on how brands demonstrate ROI through existing sponsorship involvements. For the first time, Nielsen offers a unique service in Switzerland that meets this need.