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2004 Athens Olympics U.S. Primetime TV Ratings

1 minute read | August 2008

NBC’s primetime coverage of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games drew an average audience of 24.6 million viewers over 17 individual telecasts.

Fri, 8/13/2004NBC25,384,000
Sat, 8/14/2004NBC19,818,000
Sun, 8/15/2004NBC25,798,000
Mon, 8/16/2004NBC27,109,000
Tues, 8/17/2004NBC30,146,000
Wed, 8/18/2004NBC28,396,000
Thurs, 8/19/2004NBC31,705,000
Fri, 8/20/2004NBC23,749,000
Sat, 8/21/2004NBC22,544,000
Sun, 8/22/2004NBC25,978,000
Mon, 8/23/2004NBC25,943,000
Tues, 8/24/2004NBC24,972,000
Wed, 8/25/2004NBC24,265,000
Thurs, 8/26/2004NBC21,491,000
Fri, 8/27/2004NBC20,141,000
Sat, 8/28/2004NBC18,029,000
Sun, 8/29/2004NBC19,563,000
Source: The Nielsen Company (August 13, 2004 – August 29, 2004)

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