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U.S. Homes Add Even More TV Sets in 2010

1 minute read | April 2010

The average American home now has 2.93 TV sets per household, up from 2.86 sets per home in 2009, the largest year-over-year increase since 2006 according to Nielsen’s latest Television Audience Report.  This year the number of US homes with three or more TV sets increased to 55%, 28% have two sets and 17% have one set.

The report also finds that while the total population continues to increase, the number of people per TV home holds steady at 2.5, carrying on the trend of more TVs per home than people.


Other Key Stats:

  • Less than 10% of homes receive their TV signal over-the-air
  • 34% of homes have a DVR
  • 46% of homes are able to receive an HD signal
  • Total ad spending on Network television in 2009 is down 10% from last year while spending on Cable is up 16%

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