Webinar | Sep 21, 2023

Cracking the code of brand success

in emerging media channels

Are you ready to decode the secrets behind building powerful brands in today’s ever-evolving media landscape?

Tune in to this insightful webinar as we delve into our “Secrets of Success: Building Brands with Emerging Media” report. In this exclusive session, we uncover what drives brand lift and awareness across emerging media platforms, drawing from our comprehensive analysis of over 1,000 U.S. ad campaigns spanning podcasts, influencer marketing, and branded content


Why marketers are gravitating towards podcasts, branded content, and social influencer marketing to connect with growing audiences.

What content resonates and understand its impact on enhancing your brand presence across emerging media.

The latest trends and insights in this dynamic landscape.

We’re joined by Arica McKinnon, VP of Commercial Growth & Strategy at Nielsen for Campaign Analytics and Angela Povia, VP of Client Consulting.

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