Conversations from Cannes:

Industry leaders on what’s reshaping the advertising landscape

Upending the status quo

In candid discussions with leaders across the sports world, media industry and advertising community, this video series distills the key themes that emerged from Cannes Lions 2024 

The Evolution of Live Sports: Insights from Kiki Rice

Unlocking ROI: The Power Of Full Funnel Metrics

The Future of Measurement with Nielsen and the 4A’s

Lightning Round: A Conversation with Nielsen and 4As

With Ashwini Karandikar – EVP, Media, Technology & Data at 4A’s and Matt Devitt – SVP, Head of Advertisers & Agencies at Nielsen

In this rapid-fire Q&A session, Ashwini Karandikar and Matt Devitt delve into some of the most pressing questions surrounding measurement across the advertising ecosystem. 

This fast paced conversation focuses on the evolving definition of currency and explores the significant role that big data and panel data, especially advanced audience insights, plays in today’s media industry.


Evolution of Live Sports: Insights from Kiki Rice

With Kiki Rice – Starting Guard for the UCLA Bruins and Deirdre Thomas – Nielsen’s Chief Product Officer

Kiki Rice and Deirdre Thomas come together to discuss the shifting landscape of live sports. 

Kiki speaks on her experience as a collegiate athlete and the growing popularity and influence of women’s sports. Check out this video to learn more about the future of live sports and the role of women athletes in shaping this dynamic industry.


Unlocking ROI: The Power Of Full Funnel Metrics

With Shane Dwyer – Head of Sales at Lyft Media and Cori McAfee – SVP Client Solutions at Nielsen

In our ever-changing digital world, saying it’s difficult to measure ROI across consumer touchpoints is a big understatement. Understanding the value of advertising is key, not just for marketers, but for everyone in the C-Suite.

Cori McAfee and Shane Dwyer discuss the importance of mapping ROI at every step of the consumer journey. Watch and discover how understanding advertising value at every step can empower decision-making and drive results.