2024 Annual
Marketing Report

Maximizing ROI in a
fragmented world

Discover how global marketers are allocating budgets, measuring success and what these trends mean for your own impact planning.

What’s shaping the year ahead

Nielsen surveyed marketers around the world to understand where they’re spending, what their goals are and what’s getting in the way of maximizing their ROI. By analyzing these plans and priorities, we’ve developed recommendations to sharpen your own ROI strategies for 2024 and beyond. 

Our research revealed four key global themes:

Spending optimism
is up

Tactics and KPIs
are misaligned

Digital dominance
may hurt returns

confidence is high,
but incomplete

Marketing’s great balancing act

Despite inflation, slowed consumer spending and supply chain uncertainties, marketers feel better about budgets this year. But they won’t spread that money evenly across the buyer journey, and a siloed view of performance may hurt marketers’ ability to deliver on full ROI potential.




Data source: 2024 Nielsen Global Marketer Survey