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Statement on the Passing of Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr.

3 minute read | Nielsen Audience Measurement | October 2011

Chris Galvin
Former Chairman & CEO, Motorola Inc.
Chairman and CEO, Harrison Street

Art Nielsen was a revered and significant contributor while serving as a member of Motorola Inc.’s Board of Directors on my father, Bob Galvin’s watch as CEO of Motorola Inc. So often my father spoke in the superlative about Art Nielsen as it referred to Art’s high integrity, intellectual capacity, good judgment, hard work, trusted confidence in corporate governance and being one of Dad’s best friends. In a light moment Bob Galvin would say, ‘If I could just hit a forehand in tennis as well as Art… wouldn’t that be fun!’

Sharon Percy Rockefeller
President & CEO, WETA

I last spoke with Art on September 19 following the death of my father, Charles Percy. He was unable to come to the funeral but regaled me with wonderful stories from over the years. He and my father became fast friends at age 16 when they went to New Trier High School in Winnetka and remained personal and professional friends for life. Their chemistry lasted for 75 years of friendship, during which time Art worked at Nielsen and my father headed Bell & Howell and then ran for Senate in Illinois. Our families spent a lot of time together, and I have many fond memories of playing games and swimming in Lake Michigan. Art’s role in television has been indelible, and it’s ironic that I now work in television as well, currently as president and CEO of WETA in Washington, D.C., the public broadcasting station for the Greater Washington community. We receive the Nielsen ratings every day. Art was a tremendous man. He was dynamic and funny and could tell great stories. On behalf of the Rockefeller and Percy families, I can say that he will be sorely missed.

David Poltrack
Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President CBS Vision

Arthur Nielsen Jr. oversaw the transformation of Nielsen into the foremost media measurement company in the United States. He was a true leader in the field of market research who set the standard for integrity and professionalism in the field. While Nielsen today is a major public corporation, it is still imbued with the spirit of a proud family-owned business dedicated to the best principles and practices of the research profession. That is the legacy of Arthur Nielsen Jr.

Artie Bulgrin
SVP Research & Analytics, ESPN, Inc.

Most great companies are successful in the long run because of the sustained influence of their founders and early leaders. Nielsen Is no exception. It is the gold standard in the world of research because of Art Nielsen Jr.’s influence during its most formative years. I started working at Nielsen in 1981 just as Art Jr. was retiring. I’ll never forget, back then Nielsen’s logo was the micrometer – symbolizing precision – and as a young researcher that resonated with me. That perception of precision, plus those of innovation and quality still distinguishes Nielsen from every other brand in research thanks to the influence of Art Nielsen Jr.