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eXelate Expands Its Mobile User Dataset By Billions Of Monthly Interactions

1 minute read | November 2015

Considering that four out every five people in the U.S. actively uses a smartphone, according to Nielsen’s third-quarter 2015 Connected Device Report, it’s no wonder brands and agencies are increasingly looking to engage audiences on mobile platforms.

That’s why we’re excited to announce eXelate’s recent collaboration with PushSpring, one of the world’s largest independent sources of mobile app and device data. This collaboration will further expand our reach in mobile-originated audience across a variety of segments, including app installs, auto and travel intenders and mobile-shoppers to name a few.


Mobile shopping is becoming more commonplace, with 42% of smartphone owners surveyed in Nielsen’s latest Mobile Shopping Report saying they engage in shopping on their phones (up 6% from 2014). We will integrate billions of PushSpring’s monthly mobile audience data points into the eXelate platform classified along dimensions of life stage, interest, activity and intent. This will enable our brand and agency clients to reach mobile-shoppers at a meaningful scale with an even higher degree of accuracy.

Our collaboration with PushSpring increases our mobile-originated footprint by over 100 million device IDs. This not only improves the scale, accuracy and variety of our mobile shopping audience segments but also further enhances our cross-device matching capabilities.

By better matching users with their devices, we are able to connect identities across all channels and devices—including display, video, audio, offline, mobile and smart TVs. These insights enable marketers to engage individuals and households with more relevant and personalized messages than was previously possible.