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Nielsen Global Impact Day 2017

5 minute read | June 2022

At Nielsen, we encourage our employees to make unique contributions to the communities in which they live and work. Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID) is an event where Nielsen employees carry out social contribution activities all over the world in one day, and it is expected to have a great impact outside the company depending on the passion, skills and experience of each individual. It has been.
On May 11th (Thursday), the 6th NGID implementation date this year, we will also engage in volunteer activities company-wide with the cooperation of various social contribution activities in Japan. did.

Cleaning work in Omotesando, Tokyo (cooperation: NPO Green Bird, a specified non-profit organization)
Eighteen employees participated in the cleaning activities carried out by Green Bird, and took about an hour and a half to clean the area around Yoyogi Park from Omotesando. I participate every year, but for the members who participated for the first time this year, it was a good opportunity to notice that garbage has fallen unexpectedly even if it looks beautiful.

Eighteen employees took a short-term first-aid training course by the Japanese Red Cross Society at Gracenote’s Shibuya office. This course is a course to learn the knowledge and skills to protect yourself from illness, injury, disaster, rescue the injured or suddenly ill, and to provide lifesaving and first aid until handing over to a doctor or emergency services. This time, under the guidance of a skilled instructor, it was a rich 2 hours, focusing on practical skills such as chest compressions, artificial respiration, and AED. Especially in the AED class, I had a valuable experience of actually using it based on the precautions.

Beekeeping tour on the rooftop of Ginza (Cooperation: Ginza Bee Project, a specified non-profit organization)
Six employees visited an apiary on the roof of a building in Ginza, Tokyo. The know-how of urban beekeeping, which has reached its 12th year, is currently attracting attention from all over the world, and it seems that urban beekeeping is spreading to Akasaka, Shibuya and other big cities in Japan, across the sea to Seoul, South Korea. It also supports activities where local producers and consumers in big cities interact with each other through beekeeping. By directly meeting combinations that you would not normally know, you can stimulate business opportunities and contribute to the rebuilding of marginal villages, which has become a problem in recent years. I learned a lot from hearing about how to develop into a business by realizing sustainable community service activities.

Activities to send Japanese picture books to children around the world (cooperation: Shanti Volunteer Association)
Cut and paste the translations of each language into the Japanese in the picture book, and write the name of the worker in each language on the last page after completion.
I also talked about picture books of memories, such as books I read when I was young and books I read to children, and I enjoyed working while imagining the children at the destination.

Career Lecture “The job and the way that the landlady who quit Microsoft and opened a shochu and cooking shop in Shimbashi talks”
(Cooperation: Yo Kamiya, the proprietress of the shochu paradise “Yo”)
The story of Mr. Yo Kamiya, who has built a brilliant career while feeling the gender gap since the time when the word “diversity” was not known at all, and fulfilled his long-cherished dream of “opening a shop”. I think that Mr. Kamiya’s way of life with a core gave many employees who had heard about it an opportunity to think about their careers.

Sports seminar for people with disabilities
We invited Goalball player Tomoe Takada (2008 Beijing Paralympics Japan National Team) to the office to talk about the reasons for starting the competition and the environment surrounding sports for people with disabilities in Japan. In addition, Nick Bruce, a consulting division of Nielsen Sports, introduced a case study in the UK and held a panel discussion with Takada to deepen his understanding of the coexisting society. After the seminar, I wore an eye shade (blindfold) that I actually used for goalball and had an experience of walking around the city.

DVD charity sale
Instead of discarding the DVDs that Gracenote kept in stock, sell them and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. We categorized them by genre so that they are easy to see, and we enjoyed choosing them.

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