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Great Campaigns Transform Buisnesses

What is it that makes an advertising campaign effective? We put 100 high performing campaigns, submitted as New Zealand Effie Award entries, under the spotlight to find out.

New Zealand Media Trends Report 2016

Consumers are engaging with media across a spectrum of devices. As a result, consumers' time and attention around media is in flux. Find out how New Zealanders are navigating the changing media landscape.

Viewers Choice: In-Home TV Tops New Zealand Screen Habits

New Zealanders sitting in front of the telly are not planning on cutting the cord any time soon. While New Zealanders increasingly use mobile devices to watch video content, 3.2 million New Zealanders aged 10+ (84%) are viewing over 23 hours of broadcast TV through their TV sets across a week.

New Product Development: New Zealand's Taste for New Things

Innovation captures consumer interest and attention, attracting both new customers and faithful loyalists. Consumers show an affinity for brands which are investing in new product development. More than half (52%) of New Zealand respondents say they like it when manufacturers offer new products,...

Uncommon Sense: The Case for Resonance

Advertisers try to make their ads hit home with audiences as much as possible—but there's room for improvement. Investing a little more heavily in determining how much ads resonate and working to improve campaigns accordingly have the potential to dramatically improve overall advertising...

Playing the Field: The ICC Cricket World Cup Twitter Showdown

Australian cricket fans took to Twitter to cheer on their teams and favourite players as the ICC Cricket World Cup played out across the country last month. With more than half a million tweets being viewed over 64 million times, the ICC Cricket World Cup lit up the social stadium as viewers...