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The Total Audience Report: Q4 2015

Millennials are not a uniform, homogeneous group with a common set of beliefs, technologies and behaviors. And as such, their media consumption behaviors vary by life stage.

Breaking Down Total Audience with Megan Clarken – Part 2

//    Our executive vice president of global Watch product leadership, Megan Clarken, discusses how we are tackling media fragmentation by measuring the Total Audience and where the measurement of streaming services fits in.

Making Noise: Nielsen Audio Gets Into the Spirit of Total Audience

When it comes to reach by medium, radio is unique in that it touches more than 90% of American adults every week according to Nielsen’s Q2 Comparable Metrics Report. Among 35-49 year-olds, the reach is 95%. So it makes perfect sense that Nielsen’s Total Audience initiative is just as focused on...

Breaking Down Total Audience with Megan Clarken – Part 1

//    Our No. 1 priority is Total Audience—and we are the only company capable of providing comparable measurement of content and ads across all screens. But what exactly will Total Audience measure? And when will the industry see these metrics?

Total Audience Progress Report

As most of you know, our No. 1 priority is our Total Audience Measurement initiative. It involves a long list of difficult and complicated steps, many requiring innovation and all of them requiring great execution. Throughout 2015, we’ve executed on every single deliverable we laid out in our...

The Total Audience Report: Q2 2015

The second-quarter Total Audience Report looks at how consumers engage with media platforms each day, highlighting how radio and PC usage his higher during the day, TV and TV-connected device usage is higher at night.

What Does it Take to Measure the Total Audience?

When it comes to hot topics in the media realm, it doesn’t get much bigger than cross-platform audience measurement. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. To iron out the specifics, a distinguished panel of industry experts at this week’s Consumer 360 event offered clarity around what it...