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The Total Audience Report: Q4 2015

1 minute read | March 2016

Much research and writing is done about Millennials – how their technology ownership is different from older adults and how they are changing media consumption.

However, 18-34 year olds are not a monolithic group with a common set of technologies or behaviors. Their lives are in rapid transition as they join the workforce, move into their own homes and start families.

This report is a detailed look at how the pace of change has slowed for Millennials, compared to Gen X, and how household income affects moving out and starting a family. We provide an extensive profile of Millennials in these three life stages – who they are, what services and technologies they have, how much time they spend at home, and how they use their TVs, listen to radio and use digital devices.

Live TV Viewing and TV-Connected Device Usage

The average person 18-34 spent two hours and 45 minutes daily watching live TV in the 4th Quarter of 2015, and one hour and 23 minutes using TV-connected devices – a total of four hours and 8 minutes using a TV set for any purpose.

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