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The Total Audience Report: Q1 2015

As we continues to move toward total audience measurement it is vital to find a way to compare platforms by using common metrics that allow the industry to equate and analyze users and usage of these different platforms in a fair, standard and appropriate way.

The Total Audience Report: Q4 2014

Consumers' time and attention around media is fragmenting. While the risks and rewards are potentially high in this environment, the ability to stake a claim in the expanding industry pie is central to companies’ growth. And measurement will hold a key to enabling true understanding of audiences'...

The Total Audience Report

Viewers have immense control over the choices they have amid the evolving ecosystem of devices and platforms for content discovery. In fact, they’ve never had more control than they do today. And as a result, we see a resounding growth in content consumption on digital platforms.

Total Audience Progress Report

As most of you know, our No. 1 priority is our Total Audience Measurement initiative. It involves a long list of difficult and complicated steps, many requiring innovation and all of them requiring great execution. Throughout 2015, we’ve executed on every single deliverable we laid out in our...