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The Total Audience Report: Q1 2015

1 minute read | June 2015

With all of the technology available to audiences today, they have it pretty easy: Finding the content—be it music, entertainment or information—that best fits their needs whenever and wherever they are. But this simplicity does not hold true for measurement, especially so when different media firms all use a different yard stick on which to gauge performance.

As we continue to move toward total audience measurement it is vital to find a way to compare platforms by using common metrics that allow the industry to equate and analyze users and usage of these different platforms in a fair, standard and appropriate way. This Total Audience Report—which details media behavior over Q1 2015—illustrates the importance of comparable metrics by highlighting some comparisons of TV, Radio and digital platforms. A true “apple-to-apples” comparison gives the industry an impartial look not just at how many consumers are connecting with devices and platforms, but how often and for how long they are doing so.

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