February 2020

PRICE: USD$3,900

Nielsen’s February 2020 Total Audience Report highlights cross-media fragmentation and consumer time spent over traditional and nascent technologies. This report provides direction into the many media choices consumers have and how they may be taking advantage of those choices. The Nielsen Total Audience Report uses Nielsen’s industry-leading intelligence to provide media owners, publishers, programmers, brands, marketers and agencies alike with a bold new take on what might be next and what they should consider as they seek to navigate this ever-expanding ecosystem.

This is a “Streaming Wars” takeover edition of the Total Audience Report, focusing on how much content exists in the viewing ecosystem, how much time consumers spend using streaming services on the television set, and a look at what drives consumers’ video, audio and streaming service choices.

Topics Covered:

  • Video and audio streaming
  • Media time by demographic
  • Weekly reach across platforms
  • Media connected consumers
  • The multicultural consumer
  • The audio universe
  • Devices and services in the household

The report also includes reach and time spent metrics for a variety of demographics across television, TV-connected devices, audio and digital(computer, smartphone, tablet) platforms.

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