Beyond The Digital Divide Nielsen Surveys World Wired Web

Beyond The Digital Divide Nielsen Surveys World Wired Web

As reported on by the Hollywood Reporter, a new online survey conducted by Nielsen reveals emerging trends on media consumption and device usage across 52 counties.

While Western countries led the way in usage of media hardware such as DVD players and gaming consoles, up-and-coming markets, particularly in Asia, emerged as trendsetters in next-generation devices such as video-enabled handsets. In particular, the Philippines, topped the list of countries with the highest average of usage across a range of devices. Five of the top 10 countries on the list were Asian Pacific.

Klaas Hommez, VP of Nielsen Entertainment, identified several factors responsible for media usage in many Asian countries, such as the broad uptake of mobile because of widespread use of public transportation and government policies maximizing broadband access in China and Singapore. Many Asian consumers favor wireless technology over traditional landlines, and the “leapfrogging” effect translates as well to media use. As Hommez notes: “Consumers are circumventing the need for a relatively expensive gaming console to play subscription-based video games online.”

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