Demand Soars For Video-On-Demand And New Technology

Demand Soars For Video-On-Demand And New Technology

According to a new report by Nielsen PreView, Entertainment-hungry Americans are rapidly embracing new devices and technology. The report, sourced from Nielsen’s quarterly Home Technology Report, analyzed device and subscription patterns from 2004 through 2007 and discovered that consumers are quickly adopting many new technologies and swapping out their old technology for the new.

Among the findings in the report, new technologies like Video-On-Demand (VOD) usage rose by more than 150%. Meanwhile many consumers have begun to switch out their old basic cable for more advanced digital cable. In fact, digital cable subscription rates jumped upwards by 30% to 29.5% of U.S. households while basic cable has begun to decline. This explosion in entertainment consumption is underscored by the fact that 39% more households are deciding to put multiple screens in the same room by choosing to put both a PC and a TV in the same room.

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