WOMMA Part 2 – Pete Blackshaw’s Keynote

WOMMA Part 2 – Pete Blackshaw’s Keynote

Kim Eugenio

Nielsen Online’s Pete Blackshaw gave a keynote speech on Friday, November 14th, at the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas in which he stressed the importance of companies’ staying grounded in the “bread and butter,” the core values and core issues of their businesses, and not just focusing on the hottest CGM buzz words. These core objectives, especially customer service and product experience, play a critical role in motivating consumers to spread positive or negative word of mouth buzz.

One brand working hard to improve its customer service and reverse the negative perception that currently exists in the minds of some consumers, is Nielsen Online client, Comcast. During Pete’s keynote speech, he enlisted Frank Eliason, the Director of Digital Care at Comcast, to provide examples of the interesting work his team is doing to improve customer service at Comcast. Comcast’s approach includes a five tier feedback platform including:

  1. Comcast Central (email, phone, website)
  2. Comcast Customer Connect (Facebook, Twitter)
  3. Communities (Peer-to-Peer help)
  4. Corporate Blog
  5. Blogging on Other Sites (Consumerist, etc)

A few of the important takeaways from Eliason’s presentation:

  • Listen to Your Customers
  • Create a Rapid Response Culture
  • Learn From Everyone in Your Organization

Afterwards, Pete reviewed the six drivers of credibility he outlines in his new book, “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000” and did a quick round of consulting in front of the symposium audience. (Pete heads Nielsen Online’s Digital Strategic Services). He then highlighted some of the key areas of credibility in which he thinks Comcast is winning with consumers and areas that Comcast has yet to master.

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