Apple Tops List of Hardware Sites, Rings Up Buzz in June

Apple Tops List of Hardware Sites, Rings Up Buzz in June

Anticipatory buzz around the release of the latest model of the iPhone most likely helped Apple secure the top traffic spot among hardware manufacturers in May 2009. The site drew 55.7 million unique viewers, more than double that of Hewlett Packard which attracted more than 21 million visitors.

Hardware Manufacturer Destinations: May 2009*
Rank Brand Unique Audience


1 Apple 55,716
2 Hewlett Packard 21,294
3 Dell 16,826
4 Sun Microsystems 3,410
5 Nintendo 2,212
6 XBOX 2,212
7 Gateway 1,847
8 MagicJack 1,812
9 Intel 1,648
10 IBM 1,606
Source: The Nielsen Company

*U.S. Home and Work

In June, anticipation of the new iPhone 3G S sent blog mentions up 1,226 percent week-overweek on June 8, the day of the announcement. After the initial announcement, buzz dipped but again picked up after the phone became available to consumers on June 19, with blog mentions more than doubling compared to the week prior.

More hardware and gaming console data available in the Nielsen Online media release.