Does ESPN Spell LOVE

Does ESPN Spell LOVE

Not all networks are created equal when it comes to getting men and women together to watch prime time TV, according to a new study by Nielsen PreView. And advertisers can capitalize on this fact, particularly when it comes to promoting products like jewelry and even grooming products for men.

According to a new study by Nielsen PreView, ESPN ranks among the top networks and programs in its ability to draw both men and women to the same programming, allowing for these types of Valentine messages to have the greatest impact.

The study analyzed co-viewing data for cable and broadcast networks during the last quarter of 2008, with an emphasis on how males 25-34 and females 25-34 watched prime time TV programming together.

Compared to other networks, ESPN offered both above average reach for males and females as well as a high percentage of women co-viewing with a male counterpart. In fact, on average, over 40% of females 25-34 who watched ESPN during the time period analyzed were watching with a male 25-34.

While ESPN, in aggregate, outperformed most other networks for % co-viewership, individual programs on some networks were able to garner two times the co-viewership % of ESPN.

Nielsen’s Danny Monistere Discusses The Report

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