Radio Listening Up For Cellphone-Only Homes

Radio Listening Up For Cellphone-Only Homes

If you’ve cut the cord on your landline and rely solely on a cellphone for calls, you’re likely to spend more time listening to the radio and sampling more stations, according to a pilot study in Lexington, KY run by The Nielsen Company. In March, Nielsen will roll out similar studies in 51 other major markets.

The Lexington study found that cell-phone-only homes logged nearly 23 hours of radio listening per week compared to just over 19 hours for the total sample.

In addition, the sample group:

  • Listens to 3.5 radio stations compared to less than 3 stations among the total sample
  • Has an average quarter hour total radio rating of 17.3% versus 14.3 rating for the total sample
  • Skews younger, primarily between the ages of 18 and 34.

“This study underscores the value of radio in reaching a local audience, particularly those increasingly elusive, mobile young adults,” said Lorraine Hadfield, Nielsen’s Managing Director for Global Radio Audience Measurement.

“The fact that more than 20% of radio listeners in the test market are cell-phone-only households underscores the value that Nielsen brings to us and every other radio broadcaster right out of the gate,” said John Hogan, Clear Channel Radio President and CEO. “Now we can get to the business of discussing radio’s true value with advertisers.”

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