Duke Leads Final Four Basketball Buzz

Duke Leads Final Four Basketball Buzz

A Nielsen analysis of online buzz revealed that the Duke Blue Devils have received the largest percentage of discussion among the Final Four teams in the NCAA tournament since the field was set on Sunday,  Duke’s 36% share of buzz tops Butler with 28%. Michigan State and West Virginia tied at 18%.


Based on local TV ratings data, the home markets surrounding each of the Final Four schools clearly have a passion for college hoops. But Indianapolis stands above the others when looking at Nielsen survey data. According to Nielsen’s Claritas PRIZM profiles, 41% of Indianapolis residents consider themselves fans of college basketball. That beats out  Lansing, MI (39%), Durham-Chapel Hill, NC (37%) and Morgantown, WV (36%).

More In Common Than Basketball

Through a close look at various socio-economic data, such as income, age, race, occupation, education and household composition, Nielsen can identify 66 pre-defined life style groups, or “segments,” in any given geographical area.  A demographic analysis of the  hometowns represented by West Virginia, Duke, Michigan St. and Butler, revealed that the Final Four markets share similar population characteristics.  Interestingly, Morgantown, WV, Raleigh, NC, Lansing, MI, and Indianapolis, IN share high scores for a handful of segments including one near the top for owning hunting rifles and pickup trucks. Residents living in those  areas tend to be young, working-class couples with large families (more than half have two or more kids) living in small homes and manufactured housing. Additionally these Final Four regions also reflect the shared influence of college town life. With 10 times as many college students as the national average.