How We’re Advancing Social Media Intelligence

How We’re Advancing Social Media Intelligence

Dave Hudson, CEO, NM Incite

With today’s announcement of the creation of NM Incite by The Nielsen Company and McKinsey & Co. we’re delivering the capabilities large companies need to understand and leverage the insights made possible by social media. I could not be more excited and energized about the opportunity to lead this venture.

Throughout my time at Nielsen, I’ve had the privilege to sit down with dozens of senior executives, making sure that our insights and advice help them improve their businesses through better understanding of consumers and markets, and ultimately drive their growth.

Increasingly, I seem to get asked the same question, “how do I take advantage of social media?” This question is partly driven by the recognition that social media is huge. (According to Nielsen’s newly released May 2010 data, three quarters of U.S. online users visit social media sites regularly spending about 5.5 hours a month visiting social networking sites at the workplace alone). It’s also driven by executives’ belief that social media data is full of incredibly valuable information and insights into consumers.

What’s really at the core of these questions is the sense that social media has the potential to transform their business. And that the most sophisticated companies are starting to harness this wisdom – this social media intelligence – to create competitive advantage. Some are pros, others are novices, but many still struggle with how to do it, let alone how to do it quickly.

We created NM Incite because we recognize that consumers have greater leverage and power than ever before.