World Cup Kicks South African Ad Spending 18% Higher

World Cup Kicks South African Ad Spending 18% Higher

The 2010 World Cup brought the attention of hundreds of millions of soccer fans on South Africa, and unsurprisingly, advertisers followed with significant spending, according to new research from The Nielsen Company. For the entire year, total ad spending was up 18 percent to R28.7 billion (almost US$4 billion). During the month of May – just prior to the event getting under way, ad spending increased 24 percent from the same month in 2009, while in June with the extravaganza under way, spending increased 23 percent. Upon the event’s completion, spending returned to more normal levels. July saw a 12 percent decline in ad spending from the month before, although on a year-on-year basis, it was actually up 12 percent. Spending then picked up at the end of the third quarter in advance of the holiday season.

With one exception, direct mail (-7%), all sectors of the media benefited from increased spending. TV attracted the lion’s share of spending and recorded a 28 percent increase for the year. Newspapers were the second-most popular media, with spending increasing 6 percent in 2010, while radio placed third, with spending up 21 percent.

South Africa Ad Spend Increase

The retail sector dominated advertising, accounting for 27 percent of all spending during the year. Business-to-business advertising came in second with 13 percent, while travel/transportation/leisure rounded out the top three with 11 percent.