The Best of Newswire 2014: Media Fragmentation

The Best of Newswire 2014: Media Fragmentation

Today’s technology is evolving rapidly, and as consumers look for the latest and greatest, businesses must also keep up.

Not surprisingly, how media is fragmenting—from devices to the way consumers use them—was a topic we explored frequently this year. But despite the numerous options available to consumers, one device seemed to capture readers’ attention more than any other: mobile.

Smartphone use is climbing rapidly—the devices’ penetration grew from 69% of U.S. mobile subscribers at the start of 2014 to 76% by October 2014. And our top stories on media fragmentation reflect this; three of the top five articles focus on smartphones and the apps consumers use on these devices.

From Smartphones to TV: The Top Media Stories of 2014

How Smartphones Are Changing Consumers Daily Routines Around the Globe

In just a few years, smartphones have transformed how we engage in our everyday lives. Consumers around the globe are spending more and more time on these small devices—especially apps.

Smartphones: So Many Apps, So Much Time

With Americans spending more time than ever before on apps, marketers have unique opportunities to connect with consumers by creating more interesting and sophisticated apps to command their attention.

Smartphone Milestone: Half of Mobile Subscribers Ages 55+ Own Smartphones

All ages are jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. As of first-quarter 2014, for the first time, a majority of U.S. mobile subscribers of all age groups owned smartphones.

What’s Empowering the New Digital Consumers?

While 2014 seemed to be the year of mobile, consumers are using more than one device. In fact, Americans own four digital devices on average, and in this article, we explore how the everyday lives of consumers are now intertwined with the digital world.

Changing Channels: Americans View Just 17 Channels Despite Record Number to Choose From

Even though media is changing rapidly, some things seem to stay the same. While the quantity of TV channels has grown significantly since 2008, the number of channels audiences watch on a daily basis has held steady.