Sales of Beer, Wine and Spirits Are Heating Up for Summer
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Sales of Beer, Wine and Spirits Are Heating Up for Summer

As temperatures rise in the summertime, so too does Americans’ desire for boozy beverages to quench their thirst. Nothing says summer quite like BBQs and beer, cocktails by the pool, or rosé at a picnic. And with people’s calendars filling up with outdoor events during the sunny season, so are their glasses. In fact, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, two of the season’s biggest holidays, are typically centered around celebrating outside with a drink (or two) in hand.


Throughout the summer months, Americans celebrate their taste for a spectrum of beers, with both premium and budget beer experiencing sales boosts across the on-premise and off-premise channels.

Last year within the on-premise channel, domestic super premium and domestic premium beer sold 40% and 39% of their annual dollars throughout the summer, respectively, with close to 8% of sales for both taking place the four week period during the Fourth of July 2017. Similar sales trends could be seen in the off-premise channel, with 36% and 34% of domestic super premium and domestic premium annual sales occurring during summer months, respectively. And during the two weeks around the 2017 Fourth of July holiday, domestic premium beer saw $648 million in sales in off-premise channels, the most of any variety.

On the budget end of the scale, budget beer saw 32% of it’s dollar sales take place during summer months in 2017 in off-premise channels. Interestingly, however, only 2% of budget beer sales within off-premise channels took place during the four weeks around the Fourth of July last year, compared to 7.5% sold on-premise. In fact, on-premise sales for beer began to heat up early in the season, beginning around Memorial Day.

Rosé All Day in the Summer

Summer’s biggest holidays may be all about celebrating the red, white and blue, but when it comes to wine, Americans find themselves reaching for a delightfully pink beverage throughout the season. Rosé sales explode in the hot months, with table rosé selling a whopping 48% of its dollars in summer in 2017. Sparkling rosé, a refreshing favorite perfect for hanging out in the sunshine, hit its peak sales for the season during the week of the Fourth of July in 2017.


Spirits like gin, rum and vodka see significant rises in sales during the summer. But it’s tequila sales that particularly boom through the scorching season: The sweet spirit sold 40% of its dollar sales during the summer in 2017 within on-premise channels, with 8% of tequila sales taking place during the four week period around the Fourth of July. Meanwhile, off-premise drinkers seek out flavored spirits during the middle of the summer holiday, spending $106 million on flavored varieties in the weeks during the Fourth of July 2017.

The sunny season just wouldn’t be the same without cold libations to sip. Whether it’s spent drinking icy beer or mixing up a fizzy fruity cocktail, summer days are meant for letting loose, kicking back, and staying cool!