Nielsen Design Impact Awards

This year’s winners represent a wide range of business situations across food, beverage, personal and home care. Some transformed brands; others tacked challenges with competing in saturated categories; and some adapted heritage brands to stay relevant amid an evolving FMCG landscape.

The Future of Innovation Tracking

As new products emerge, they risk overcrowding already crowded shelf sets, and so, the need to mindfully manage innovation efforts is essential. However, innovation is an area where mining data can be a particularly painstaking—and resource consuming—task.

Consumers Don’t Always Take Skin Care Claims at Face Value

We know that transparency and clean label are budding trends across the consumer product landscape, but we wanted to get some granular insight into which attributes and claims are driving the most consumer engagement in the beauty aisle. So we took our curiosity to the skin care aisle, focusing on...

The Database: Implementing Agile Thinking in the FMCG Market

Staying nimble in today’s fast-paced market, isn’t easy, especially for large, multinational brands with massive scale and global footprints. Many companies look to agile processes as a means to innovate faster, but they often skip steps in the process. So can agile thinking work in the...

Don’t Fail Fast, Learn Fast

Fail fast has become a major catch phrase for innovation teams lately, but when put into practice, the end result is often the product of simply cutting corners.

Put The Customer First When Trying To Think Agile

Companies across all industries are trying to embrace agility, from assembling innovation teams who are tasked with thinking differently to intelligently testing new products online, with the goal of becoming the next category disrupter. But, it’s harder than it looks.

Setting the Record Straight on Innovation Failure

In an effort to discover a sustainable, replicable formula for innovation success, Nielsen asked 'Why do so many launches fail?' This report presents three common causes of innovation failure, backed by robust data—and they may not be what many marketers would expect.