Fuzzy Matching to the Rescue: Aligning Survey Design Across Time

Surveys are a valuable tool for any market research company. As a leading global information and measurement company, Nielsen has developed complex models and methodologies that hinge on the accuracy of survey data we use in our products. Survey data not only provides insights about what people...

Smaller Cheaper Stronger: The Nano Meter

Television is a very technical environment. To make sense of what content is being viewed, where, when, how and by whom, researchers around the world have long relied on sophisticated engineering solutions, and, for the most part, these solutions have answered the call beautifully.

Nielsen TV: Product Innovation and Jobs Theory

What causes a consumer to pull a product into their lives? Simply put, we bring a product into our lives because it meets a need or desire. That’s the crux of Jobs Theory: doing a job that needs to be done.

Interest in Advanced Auto Tech is on the Move

When it comes to consumer purchase behavior, there’s no greater motivator than price—especially for large investments like automobiles. This will likely be the case for years to come, but recent research indicates that price, along with a few other traditionally desired characteristics, are on...

When it Comes to Auto Tech, Safety is in Pole Position

While there’s no shortage of high-tech innovation in our pockets, homes and on the horizon, none rank higher than safety when it comes to what Americans look for in their vehicles. In fact, across five key categories in a recent survey, U.S. consumers said they’re most interested in technology...