Media Buying & Selling | Media Planning | Nielsen Scarborough Case Study

Media options – from traditional to digital to social – are continuing to grow and evolve at a record pace. Changes in the ways consumers are engaging with media are also making it more challenging to determine the right media for the right group. And a CPP in a market is no longer the only or...

Geo-Targeting | Scarborough Case Study

If you advertise in markets or areas where there’s a low penetration of potential customers, it can harm your campaign and quickly waste your advertising budget. That’s why determining the regions, local markets or trade area to promote a retailer, product or service is key to efficiently...

Case Study: Helping to Dial Up Global Ad Engagement

Budweiser aimed to be the first global beer brand by connecting with consumers on universally important emotions. As they expanded on successful themes, they wanted to ensure they were engaging with consumers as effectively as possible.

Case Study: Making a Strong First Impression

In order to ensure that Lycra®, an unknown brand to younger shoppers, would be successful, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience partnered with Invista to test emotional responses to a variety of campaign elements.

Case Study: Evaluating Online Ad Effectiveness

Given the marketplace clutter of varying ad formats, the Online Publisher Association wanted to understand the effectiveness of new ad units they were proposing. Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience helped to understand which formats drove greater attention and engagement.

Case Study: Optimizing Ad Targeting

Today’s digital world requires us to ensure our ads reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. But are there ways to improve targeting?