Q3 2016 Local Watch Report: Stay-at-Home and Working Moms

Mothers are at the epicenter of the family circle and are often balancing motherhood, work and most importantly, life. But what does this look like across the country’s many local communities, and how are stay-at-home and working moms adapting to technology and using media?

Interest in Advanced Auto Tech is on the Move

When it comes to consumer purchase behavior, there’s no greater motivator than price—especially for large investments like automobiles. This will likely be the case for years to come, but recent research indicates that price, along with a few other traditionally desired characteristics, are on...

When it Comes to Auto Tech, Safety is in Pole Position

While there’s no shortage of high-tech innovation in our pockets, homes and on the horizon, none rank higher than safety when it comes to what Americans look for in their vehicles. In fact, across five key categories in a recent survey, U.S. consumers said they’re most interested in technology...

2016 AutoTECHCAST Report Lite

This year’s study found that plenty of Americans are actually in the dark about many of the advancements now available in new automobiles. Comparatively, they’re much more dialed in to technology that pertains to safety and connectivity.

Kids Think Self-Driving Cars are Cool, But Costly

There are plenty of open questions about autonomous cars, but in a time when today’s youths eat, sleep and breathe all things digital, it’s worth exploring youth sentiment around this buzzed-about topic in the auto world.